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About Us
A Little Something About Our Background

What is Virtualworx

Virtualworx is an online service that caters to a wide-array of computer-related works, such as Data Processing, Technical & Content Writing, Documentation, Desktop Lay-outing and Design, Slides & Audio-Visual Presentations (AVP), Spreadsheet Data Manipulation, Number Crunching & Formula, Graphics & Photo Editing, Video Authoring, Web Creation & Design, Email Marketing, and Systems Programming. Virtualworx is composed of a group of computer experts comprised of family and friends, working remotely.

How We Work

Every work passes multiple levels of Quality Assurance, otherwise known as QA, and we see to it that the works we deliver would be as perfect as possible. We always favored quality over quantity work. Though we have our own field of computer expertise, we still have our works checked by one another, so that as to add another layer of quality assurance. We always believe in having second opinions, it's quite helpful to always have one's work checked, each individual has a different angle of seeing things.

A Brief Background

My computer career started way back in the early 90's as a computer programmer, doing Desktop Systems Programming in C, Pascal, and RDBMs languages. Most of the Computer Programs I made before were focused on Scientific and Database operations. I started my online career in the year 2007 as a VA-Researcher and was followed by being an online Technical Writer and a Video Ad Editor in a company in Sweden. Just before the year 2012 when I started my career as a Web Developer and got fond of using Wordpress eversince.

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